Q. How do we get going?

A. Just call or mail me and tell me what you’re looking for. Don’t forget
to give me your phone number or contact details.

Q. Can we meet first?

A. Yes, I’ll be happy to come to you for ‘a meeting of minds’. And it won’t
cost you anything. It takes about 30 minutes.

Q. What happens at that first meeting?

A. We discuss your needs. Your job. What you want to achieve. Your goals
for your Business English. What you do on a daily basis. I listen,
carefully. Then I assess where you’re at in your English. I tell you what
it would take to achieve your goals, realistically.
We decide if we’re a good match.

Q. If we decide to go ahead, then what?

A. We arrange a starting date. And how frequently we should meet. I send
you a formal proposal, setting out our agreements and terms and conditions.
You or the appropriate person in your company sign and return it to Real English Solutions.

Q. How long are our meetings?

A. I recommend 90 minutes. That is the optimal time for you to have enough
opportunity to express yourself fully and to cover any necessary English-language issues.

Q. How often do we meet?

A. That depends on what your short-term, medium-term and long-term
Business-English goals are, but generally, I recommend a series of 20
sessions, totalling 30 hours. We can always decide the duration of the
course based on your goals and your starting level of Business English.

Q. What if I need more time as I’ve got to give a presentation in Hong
Kong in three weeks? And I haven’t even started. And it’s my first formal

A. Then we work more intensively and set up a meeting schedule to handle

Q. I have to travel for my job, so I can’t always be here for our meeting.
How flexible are you?

A. As flexible as you need. Just let me know within 48 hours of our planned
meeting that you’re going to be out of town and we’ll reschedule. If you
cancel with 48 hours, however, you still pay my fee.

Q. Where do we meet?

A. Your place of work. I come to you, for your convenience. We need a
training room or your own office if it’s private. We need a whiteboard. If
you’re a manager, it’s often better to get out of your own office so you’re
not interrupted and it’s more confidential.


Q. What area do you operate in?

A. Amsterdam and its surrounding region.

Q. Most of the documents I deal with are highly confidential. What then?

A. I work with lots of confidential and even highly sensitive documents.
It’s in my contract that I keep everything completely confidential before,
during and after our meetings. I return the documents to you or shred them,
as you wish. My ‘firewalls’ are fully in place. Confidentiality is an essential part of my DNA.

Q. If I’m out of the country, I might need help with a certain memo or
other document. Can I send it to you for advice or editing?

A. If you’re a client of mine, it’s all part of the service. I check my
mail regularly and can reply as soon as I’ve seen it.

Q. What do I need to bring with me to our first session?

A. Two copies of any documents you might like to work on. Two copies of any
notes on a presentation you need to give. I’ll provide a training binder to
keep everything together.

Q. Sometimes I can’t translate a word or phrase from Dutch. Can you help
me there?

A. Ik spreek óók Nederlands. Ik ben geen toerist want ik woon al lang in
dit lage land. Geen probleem dus! Maar denk eraan – onze voertaal tijdens
de lessen is Engels. Want u bent aan de beurt!

Want to know anything else? Just send me a mail. I’d love to include your
question in this FAQ.