How do I work?
What Can You Expect?

You can expect my highest level of focus on your needs and language
development. In my ‘hands-on’ approach, the spotlight is on you!
You’re up!

I’ll provide the solutions for your level of professional business English.
You can expect to raise your game significantly.

I’ll give you new business vocabulary and rehearse you using it.
You’ll be amazed how this can increase your confidence in a business meeting.

I’ll tweak your pronunciation.
You’ll sound and feel less like a ‘Dutchie’ or a ‘foreigner’.

I’ll get rid of any ‘Dutchisms’ - or any other ‘isms’ - you’re not even aware you have.
You’ll wonder how anyone understood what you meant before!

I’ll help you write clearly, concisely and convincingly.
You’ll grow more confident and able to communicate your points in writing.

And by the way, I offer my own editing service for very important documents for as long as you might need it.

You’ll be delighted you have someone up your sleeve who you trust and on whom you can depend.

I’ll coach you for your upcoming international meetings. Yes, we’ll do a ‘mock’ meeting. I’ll be the client.
You’ll feel prepared and rehearsed.

I’ll do a Q and A session with you.
You’ll be less surprised by your client on the day.

I’ll think with you, to anticipate the ‘what if’s’.
You’ll be ready for anything!

I’ll put you through your paces. I’ll listen. Then make corrections or
suggest better ways of bringing your point across.

You’ll watch yourself grow, both in practice and in confidence.
I’ll help you structure and (re)write a presentation.
You’ll get very clear about what you want to say and how you want to say it.

I’ll coach you in giving your presentation.
You’ll be amazed at the difference between the start of the process and your final performance.

I’ll make suggestions as to the content of both meetings and presentations.
You’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of that yourself!

I’ll be your sparring partner. I’ll think with you.
You’ll feel supported and know you don’t have to do everything on your own.

I’ll source new information about your specialism from the global business
and financial press, such as Bloomberg or the New York Times business
You’ll learn more and amaze your colleagues with your depth of knowledge.

I’ll keep my mouth shut about everything you say or do, ‘now and forever
more, Amen’, as they say.
You’ll be happy to find someone you know you can trust with your life.