You are an amazingly smart business manager needing to give a great
presentation to your Board or Management Team. Or negotiate that Merger &
Acquisition with your foreign joint-venture partner. Perhaps you have a
tricky international meeting coming up. You might have to defend your
investment strategy to the Hedge-fund Asset Managers. Or Shanghai is
calling to discuss the latest expansion plans.

You might need to go on some country visits to monitor their performance.
And then justify your credit-risk strategies to the Board. Or negotiate better terms and conditions with your East-European suppliers. It might be time to draft a new policy paper. Not to mention that ‘delicate’ meeting with the employees where you have to outline the latest reorganization.

You need to prepare for some of these or other business challenges in a
safe, confidential and creative environment. To discuss the issues with a
knowledgeable Business-English consultant who knows the score.
The business score.

Someone who knows her way around a business meeting. Someone who would help
you clarify your position. Who then coaches you in expressing it clearly,
concisely and convincingly in professional English. Someone who can
challenge you on your ideas and assumptions. Who is an intelligent,
well-informed sparring partner. Someone who keeps up with global business
and financial developments. Who loves the business game. And the players.

Someone who loves to see you succeed even more in what you do and who you are.

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and let’s blaze a trail!