Business Experience AND Business-English Expertise

Before teaching professional English, I had another life – in business.

When I first came to Amsterdam from London, after universities in Dublin
and Surrey, England, I went into the business world.

I spent years in an American sports company and several more years in
an international franchise company.

I gave presentations at international business meetings.
I coached people to give speeches and presentations.
I set up and ran a training school for international
I planned and participated in many international business meetings.
I handled PR.
I attended countless production and management meetings.
In short, I’ve ‘been there, done that and got the T-shirt’!

I know what some of your challenges feel like.

Real English

When I declared independence and set up my own company (Real English), I
worked with a whole range of different businesses. That included everything
from advertising to banking to IT to retail to financial. Both small and
medium enterprises (SMEs) and multi-national. Government, commercial and

I taught both groups and individuals. From the receptionist to Board level.
From beginners to advanced levels.

After 20 years of teaching Business and Financial English in the Netherlands,
I’m clear that my real value is in bringing my considerable expertise in
Business English and my knowledge of the business and financial world to you.

To help you succeed even more in your demanding job.

I keep up to date with all that’s going on at the global financial level.
Bloomberg is the last thing I read at night and the New York Times business
section is one of my favourite iPad apps.

I use these tools to help clients increase their specialist vocabulary and
to familiarize themselves with the latest terminology. As well as giving them new information about what’s going on in their chosen field. I just love to keep clients in the flow.

I love to see people succeed in conducting their business in English. Your
growth is my focus.
It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning!